Copyright licensing consultant and US immigration attorney. 

'Into the west' by Mark Smith from

'Into the west' by Mark Smith from

Copyright LIcensing

Negotiating and drafting licensing agreements between illustrators, photographers and visual artists and brands wanting to license copyright content.

US IMmigration advice

There are what seems like an overwhelming number of different visa options to cover stays in the United States from a few days to a lifetime, each with their own set of criteria and requirements. The website is a great place to start finding out about the various options, but a consultation will help you determine which is the best visa option for your needs.


If you need to apply for a US visa, rather than travelling to the US  on a visa waiver, you will most likely want to consult a US immigration attorney to assist you.  While the USCIS website provides a lot of helpful information on how to apply for a visa, I have years of experience in applying for both immigrant and non immigrant visas and can help you.

CONSULAR Processing

Once you have received an approval for your visa application, you will need to "process it" at the appropriate United States consulate.  Or you may need to apply for a waiver of a ground of inadmissibility.  Each consulate has their own system for processing visas, but generally all will require the submission of certain supporting documents, the payment of a fee and attendance at an interview.  Please contact me if you would like assistance with the consular processing of your US visa.

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