It’s December already...

It’s December already which means for many NZers it is the season to process their new or extension US non immigrant visas while returning back home to NZ for the holidays, which means things can get pretty busy at the US consulate here in Auckland. If this is you then you need to move quickly if you want to have a chance at scheduling an interview before Christmas.

In order to process your visa you need to first of all complete the non immigrant visa application form DS-160 online, upload an acceptable passport photograph and pay the visa processing fee before you can then schedule your interview.  if you are applying for an extension of the same visa without change, you may be eligible to forego the interview and just mail in your visa application, though make sure you have left yourself enough time for the consulate to mail back your new visas and passports before you return to the US.  

For more information on the process please see the US consulate webpage here, and otherwise feel free to contact me if you would like any help with the process.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!